What is POTTR?

POTTR is an analog telephone line (POTS line) monitor, that is controlled and logged over an Ethernet network. If POTTR finds any faults, like a disconnected or shorted phone line, it will report this failure through a regular office network, so that IT network monitoring software can take the appropriate action. POTTR can detect if a phone line is in-use, working properly, disconnected, or inoperable. It tests phone lines on a schedule basis, which is programmable from minutes to days. Standard SNMP network monitoring software can log and control POTTR, which makes it fit perfectly into an existing system network.


Most businesses have moved to VOIP for regular telephone service. But, in case of emergencies, businesses still rely on the old, analog telephone line for communications to their local 911 dispatch office, because they relay vital location information, automatically, for first responders.

Unfortunately, since these POTS lines are not in use for regular day-to-day activities, there is no indication when these lines go off-line due to line damage or simple account disconnects. POTTR is a simple way of verifying and logging the status of POTS lines. POTTR helps keep customer’s in compliance with 911 emergency location reporting regulations.

Who needs POTTR?

Any business that uses analog phone lines for services:

  • 911 emergency dialing with location reporting
  • Alarm status reporting
  • Educational Facilities (Schools & Universities)
  • Elevator operators
  • Medical dispatch
  • Warehouse and inventory storage
  • Vending services

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