Technical Information

Technical Information

POTTR requires two electrical connections – one RJ-11 analog telephone (POTS line) jack, and one RJ-45 PoE Ethernet network jack. The RJ-11 connects to the phone line that needs to be monitored. The RJ-45 connects to the existing Ethernet network, enabling POTTR to report and log current phone line status. POTTR requires interfacing with SNMP monitoring software, like Nagios, Solarwinds, or PRTG, or any other standard SNMP monitoring software.

Phone Line Connection

The RJ-11 jack connects to a 2-wire POTS analog telephone line at any point, whether at the line demarcation point or at the phone line equipment (CPE) end. Anywhere on the phone line will work for a POTTR connection, including on a punch block.

Ethernet Network Connection

The RJ-45 jack connects to a PoE Ethernet port. POTTR uses Ethernet for its network connection, which makes it compatible with virtually any PoE router or switch port. POTTR is completely powered from a IEEE 802.3af compatible PoE Ethernet port, therefore it requires no external power supply or wall transformer. POTTR will power up and run as soon as PoE power is activated on its Ethernet connection.

More technical detail is available, including the SNMP command and status listings, from the Resources link in the main menu.

Mounting POTTR

POTTR is compact and does not require anything more than the two electrical connections mentioned above. Mount POTTR anywhere near your phones or demarcation points. POTTR is very low power and can be mounted into any small space in an equipment room or network closet.

Size: 3″ x 4″ x 1″  |  Wt: 100g  |  Power: < 1 watt

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