Introducing POTTR™ – Plain Old Telephone TCP/IP Responder

POTTR is a standalone analog telephone line tester integrated with a network attached responder.  POTTR helps maintain the communication integrity of analog phone lines by testing and remotely reporting any faulty condition on those lines.  POTTR, through its patent pending design, is perfect for verifying security alarms, E-911 VOIP systems, vending machines, or any other analog phone line installation.

Analog, or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), lines are widely used to fulfill vital, sometimes life-saving services.  With the majority of voice phone services now running on Internet VOIP systems, POTS lines are seldom used unless called upon for backup or emergency use.  It is essential to verify that these analog phone lines are operating properly on a regular basis.

Adding POTTR to a customer’s infrastructure allows existing office computer networks to test and report the health status of their analog phone lines.  POTTR will detect out-of-service, disconnected, shorted, or malfunctioning POTS lines, and report the results through standard network monitoring software (SNMP) for logging and notifications.  The technology staff will know whenever POTS lines are compromised, so they can take the appropriate actions.